My Randjesfontein racing stable comprises of 2 barns of 60 stables, office suites, feed-rooms, tack-rooms, paddocks and horse wash-bay areas. I have a staff of 28 in my employ! Like any business, it is essential to have a professionally run office and communications centre, with the right staff backing you up. Joan is my office manager and Adrian Stegman, my assistant trainer has been my right hand in the yard for the past 6 years. Natalie & Dorothy of Equi-Link will assist with your Horse Insurance, Vat Recovery and booking itineraries for visits to South Africa.

Randjesfontein Training Centre is situated 40km from Johannesburg and 36km from the Johannesburg International Airport. This top rate training centre is spread over a large area with stabling for a 1000 horses in training at any given time. Staff quarters, outside the perimeter of the property house more than 400 staff members dedicated to the well being of the horses. Access to the facility is strictly controlled, 24 hours a day, by a renowned Security Company. There are four Veterinary Practices, fully equipped with operating theatres within a 12km radius of the Training Centre, and the world renowned Onderstepoort Blood Testing Facility is 20 minutes away in Pretoria. There are four training tracks, which are harrowed, leveled and maintained continuously during the mornings, ensuring a smooth, even surface for the horses to work on.

The Red Track, 1800m round, is a heavier track good for long, slow work and building muscles. (Right)

The Track Master, 1800m in circumference, is similar to those found in Hong Kong & the United States of America.


The Grass Track is 1800m in circumference, with a 1000m straight, & is ideal for pre-race preparation gallops. (Right)

The Beach Track is a 600m railed, all-weather track, made from sea-sand. A very heavy track which helps muscle buildup.